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The Friars Club Commemorates the Passing of Its Dean, Larry King

A graduate of the Texas A&M University Mays Business School in College Station, Texas, Harvey Bell found professional success with a number of firms in New Jersey. A longtime resident of West Orange township, Harvey Bell is an active member of the Friars Club across the Hudson River in Manhattan.

Established in 1904 as a gathering place for entertainers, the Friars Club has become world-renowned as a comedic institution. Evolving far beyond a mere meeting place, it is perhaps most widely recognized today for its celebrity roasts. In addition to handling other responsibilities, the dean of the Friars Club helps to preside over these legendary roasts.

Until his death on January 23, 2021, the Friars Club’s sitting dean was the seasoned television and radio broadcaster Larry King. In a public statement about his passing, the executive committee, board of directors, and the entire membership of the Friars Club announced that they were “deeply saddened” by King’s passing and extremely grateful for their opportunity to “bask in his reflection.”

King became the sixth Friars Club dean when he replaced comedian Freddie Roman in 2014. He also served as abbot of the now-defunct Friars Club Beverly Hills chapter.


Friar’s Club Children’s Holiday Film Event

New Jersey resident Harvey Bell is a long-time affiliate of several tri-state area organizations. Harvey Bell maintains an ongoing membership with the Friar’s Club, a legendary private comedy club that boasts a star-studded membership list, including comedians Jimmy Fallon and Jerry Seinfield.

The club hosts several high-profile philanthropic events through its Sunshine Committee. The committee has been dedicated to improving the lives of the elderly, the hospital-bound, and the young for more than fifty years. The Sunshine Committee is currently overseen by talk radio host, Larry King.

During the Christmas and Hanukkah seasons, the Sunshine Committee organizes a film festival to bring joy to hundreds of disadvantaged children and families across New York City. The event takes place at the historic Village East Theatre, located in Manhattan. Families are invited to an exclusive screening of a newly-released movie. Following the film, every child receives a gift bag from Friar’s Club members dressed as Santa Claus.

Best Selling Author Daniel Silva

Daniel Silva

Business executive Harvey Bell is a longtime New Jersey resident. The holder of an MBA from Texas A&M University, Harvey Bell enjoys reading the books of best selling author Daniel Silva during his spare time.

Daniel Silva began his career as a journalist. He was a middle Middle East correspondent based in Cairo and the Persian Gulf, and he covered the Iran-Iraq war. Upon returning to the US, he became an executive producer for CNN. In 1995 Silva revealed to his wife, TV correspondent Jamie Gangel, that his real ambition was to be a novelist. With her backing and without taking this desire public, he began writing a book.

In 1997, with the novel The Unlike Spy becoming an instant bestseller, he left CNN and became a full-time writer. Other books followed including The Mark of the Assassin, The Marching Season, and others; all his novels have become New York Times and international bestsellers. His books have been translated into more than thirty languages. Silva recently released a new novel titled The Other Woman.

Three Fun Facts about Frank Sinatra


Frank Sinatra pic
Frank Sinatra

A longtime resident of New Jersey, Harvey Bell holds a master of business administration from Texas A&M University. Beyond his professional pursuits, Harvey Bell enjoys listening to music, including songs by famous singer-songwriter Frank Sinatra. While many people know Sinatra was a great singer, these little-known facts about Ol’ Blue Eyes reveal new sides to the iconic crooner.

Frank Sinatra’s explosive fan base resulted in part from a hype campaign by his publicist, George Evans. Evans paid girls $5 to scream in the audience as Sinatra performed to create a frenzied atmosphere.

Sinatra was named a communist sympathizer by Senator Joe McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee for his role in the short film “The House I Live In,” in which he tells several bullies to stop picking on a Jewish student.

One of Sinatra’s favorite haunts is still open for business. Located in Santa Monica, Chez Jay is a historic dive bar where the Rat Pack–the famous group that included Peter Lawford, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., and Sinatra–used to hang out. It is still open for business seven days a week.