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About the ZOA’s Unique Mission

Longtime New Jersey resident Harvey Bell attended Texas A & M University, where he earned his MBA in finance. A licensed financial advisor, he serves as managing director and senior portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley. In addition to his professional responsibilities, Harvey Bell was named a board member of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA).

Founded in 1897, the ZOA focuses on educating elected officials, the public, and the media about the reality of the Arab war against Israel, which has not resolved. The organization devotes utmost effort to fighting for the Jewish population and the Land of Israel. With offices at various locations across both countries, the organization is committed to promoting strengthened U.S-Israel relations.

For decades, the ZOA has been active in movements to protect Jewish high school and college students from harassment, discrimination, and intimidation, through their larger fight against anti-Semitism. Its ZOA Campus department also offers resources, counseling, and support to students who wish to educate themselves about Zionism.

The ZOA’s Center for Law and Justice helps Israel and the Jewish people through the court system. For example, it filed a lawsuit against the State Department for ignoring the law requiring that “Jerusalem, Israel” be stamped on the passports of U.S. citizens who are born there. It also assisted in shutting down 10 pro-terrorist web sites.